Serenity Haven Mobile Therapy Service

I set up Serenity Haven back in September 2009 after qualifying with a 1st Class Degree in Complementary Therapies. The course covered various holistic treatments and intensive study of anatomy and physiology that gave me great insight into how the treatments work. The course included a 1 year work placement that allowed me to work for the East End Community Health Project in Newcastle upon Tyne, receiving GP referred clients on a weekly basis. This project sought to bridge the gap in health inequalities in the North East and it was here that I really learned the benefits of massage, aromatherapy and reflexology and successfully improved several conditions over time such as repetitive strain injury, whiplash and anxiety.

After qualifying I moved back down to Swansea and set up Serenity Haven gift shop and therapy clinic that sold aromatherapy oils, natural skincare products and provided a base for which other therapists could work from. After working as a therapist for some time I began to develop as interest in maternity care and went on to further train in the use of aromatherapy oils in pregnancy and maternity reflexology. Due to the economic climate, I was forced to close the shop in 2011 however continued my work as a mobile therapist which I happily discovered was more convenient for many of my new and existing clients.

To support my belief in holistic and complementary therapies, I am also very passionate about using only 100% natural plant based oils within my therapy service which are choses to suit my client’s individual need.

Alongside my holistic therapy business, I have also trained and work as a mental health nurse. I understand the importance of bringing balance to both the physical and mental aspect in order to support overall health. I truly believe from many years’ experience as a qualified therapist that the deeply relaxing and therapeutic treatments I offer can have amazing benefits to both physical and mental wellbeing.