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Maternity Reflexology

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In 2010 I completed additional training in fertility and maternity reflexology. Maternity reflexology is a very gentle treatment that can be regularly practiced on female clients before and after the birth of their baby. Single-blind studies have shown that, after undergoing both lymphatic drainage and relaxation reflexology, pregnant women experience a reduction in swelling and a deeper sense of well-being.

Pregnancy is a time of tremendous change for a woman's body, and having seen the benefits that this treatment has had on my own clients I believe that maternity reflexology can play an important role in helping the body restore balance. Through maternity reflexology clients have found relief from backache, constipation and nausea. The session should always be a relaxing experience that can also relieve anxiety, tension and fatigue.

Many clients continue reflexolgy after the birth of their child, and report a higher state of relaxation.

To find out more about this treatment or to book an appointment please call or text Clare on 07707984397.


1 hour foot reflexology including foot and leg massage - £35