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Swedish Massage


 Image result for body massageSwedish Massage is a classic body massage that uses common techniques such as effleurage, petrissage, kneading, percussion, vibration and stretching that are used to warm up the muscles and significantly reduce pain and swelling.

What are the benefits of Swedish Massage?

The various Swedish massage techniques are designed to improve your circulation, soothe your muscles and make you feel more relaxed.

Swedish massage uses softer strokes on the bonier and more delicate parts of the body, and stronger strokes where there is thicker muscle coverage. This adjustment of pressure makes it an ideal massage for relaxation.

Besides the calming benefits, Swedish massage is thought to be good for:

  • easing muscular strain by flushing out toxins
  • improving circulation by increasing oxygen flow in the blood
  • helping to keep ligaments and tendons supple
  • reducing emotional and physical stress.

Before your first treatment, I will go through an initial consultation form with you in order to establish any contraindications and expected outcomes of treatment. Your massage may need to be adapted depending on this information.

N.B It is best to avoid heavy meals and alcohol in the hours leading up to your massage.



30 minute back, neck and shoulder massage - £25

30 minute foot & leg massage - £25

60 minute full body massage - £40

90 minute fully body massage - £50